Friday, December 18, 2009

The First Oath - DP (not required)

Though writing your own first oath is not a requirement, I would like to make a blog entry about it. It is an affirmation, and is important, at least to me, as I don't have my own grove. So as a solitary, this is my way of sharing it with everyone. :)

I, Roberta, stand before the three Kindreds, and declare myself a Pagan.
Ancient ones hear me as I pledge my vow, to uphold and honor virtue, truth, and piety.
I promise to keep the old ways alive through study and practice,
Worshiping the Elder Gods, respecting the ancestors, and nature spirits.
I vow these things as I set foot on the path, the Druid's Way:

May I always have the wisdom and vision to seek and know the truth.
May I always have the courage to act responsibly, and with integrity.
To persevere when times are not favorable.
To act with hospitality to friend and foe alike.
To act with moderation in mind both personally, and with nature's resources.
With a fertile heart, mind, and body, to cultivate what needs to be sewn and cared for,
whether it be a physical thing, an idea, or to enrich my path, and to help others.
To keep the High Days, rites, and works that call to me, in a proper way.

I vow these things before the Gods who are present in my life.
I vow these things to my ancestors whose blood flows in my veins.
I vow these things to the land spirits, present here in the place I dwell.

Roberta T.

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